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CGVirusscan 1.1

Since it seems John Ray isn't updating CGvirusscan anymore, i finally took the time to do some needed updates to it myself. I do hope that is OK with him.

So here it is.

  • Got rid of munpack as it often crashes.
  • Updated it to support CommuniGate's EXT Filter API 2, so you can decide if poisoned mails get bounced or silently discarded.
  • Tweaked a few other bits and pieces and cleaned forking.
  • Added a simple installation script.

THIS Release does NOT contain a threaded version anymore because i am too lazy to maintain two versions and i figured no one has a threaded perl version on osx anyway...

To adjust if virusscan boundes or discards poisoned mails, edit virusscan-fork.pl with BBedit or Pico and modify LINE 16 to:



Since i updated the EXT Filter support, i am NOT SURE if this will run on CGP before 4.X Versions. I could only test it on a 4.0.6 Version.

How to install:
Download the Archive from: here

Open a Terminal Window (using Terminal.app).

Assuming you downloaded this archive to your DESKTOP, Type:
    cd ~/Desktop/
    tar -xzf cgvirusscan.tar.gz
    cd cgvirusscan

    READ the README File!!!!
    (more " README")
Feedback welcome via Comments!

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